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We supply smart technology solutions for diverse industries

Our Suppliers
Economic solutions, small
machine systems
Integrated PLC and HMI
Advanced solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial automation – catering to both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators. Our products come with mostly 1-2 years of warranty and technical support.

Our offer encompasses a full range of automation equipment not only for simple machines but entire manufacturing lines and processes. This includes system power supplies, motion control devices, systems for industrial communication and process visualization, and operator interfaces for control systems. Our online store offers the convenience of ordering components quickly at any time.

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  • Process automation and control
  • Industrial communication
  • Motion systems
  • Redundancy systems
  • Safety systems
  • Visualization of processes
Industrial software
Our Suppliers
Operational systems for production 

and maintenance / Optimize (PI)
Industrial software

For over 28 years, we have assisted our clients in digital transformation, delivering intelligent technologies based on solutions provided by AVEVA, the global leader in industrial software. You can rely on our expertise both in continuous and discrete manufacturing processes, as well as systems for critical infrastructure and heavy industry.

Together with a network of over 200 partners, we provide industrial software, expertise, consultations, training, and full technical support, both before and after implementation. The AVEVA solutions enable us to scale facilities of every size through process optimization, utility monitoring, and process control (SCADA / MES), along with advanced management of business processes (Control Room, Productive Maintenance, Digital Twin, AI).

  • HMI / SCADA systems for process visualization and control
  • MES for manufacturing management
  • Systems for utility and power efficiency monitoring
  • Control Room systems
  • Systems for reporting and data analysis
  • AI for Industry
Our Suppliers
Industrial robots
SCARA robots
Educational robots

We specialize in delivering a comprehensive range of robotic solutions, including  industrial robots and cobots, application equipment, automation systems for robots, and complete robotic stations

In our offer, you will find industrial robots and cobots designed for palletizing, welding, machine operation, painting, varnishing, and various other applications. In addition, we provide robotic equipment, featuring linear tracks, positioners, sensors, safety curtains, HMI panels, and complete robotic stations.

Beyond hardware, our services extend to business and technical consulting, audits, training, and authorized robot servicing. We specialize in software solutions for robotic production lines, integration with ERP and WMS systems, and monitoring for robotic stations. Furthermore, we warmly invite you to take part in live demonstrations and tests conducted in our two ASTOR showrooms.

  • Robotized palletizing and packaging
  • Robotic welding​
  • Robotic machine operation
  • Intralogistics with mobile and industrial robots​
  • Cobots (collaborative robots)​
  • ASTOR Robotics Center showroom
  • ASTOR Innovation Room showroom
Our Suppliers
Autonomous forklifts
Complex intralogistcs
cells and systems

Intralogistics – the bloodstream of the manufacturing process.

Intralogistics is the fine art of optimizing, integration, automation, and the management of material flow within a company. Modern on-site transportation forms the core of manufacturing process control, as it connects various manufacturing areas and sets the rhythm for the whole production.

For the last 10 years, ASTOR has been developing projects and delivering automated logistics systems, mainly for manufacturing processes. Expanding our offer to include autonomous mobile robots like AGILOX has allowed us to implement intelligent intralogistics projects more effectively.

We provide proper project coordination and support in investment management, keeping in mind that every manufacturing process is unique. We organize and conduct investment processes End-to-End, from initiative to implementation.

  • Intelligent intralogistics
  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)
  • Autonomous forklifts
  • Intralogistics with mobile robots
  • On-site transportation systems

Years of experience

50 000+​

Automation, robotization, digitalization and intralogistics systems

18 300 +​

Trained engineers

190 +


We have reached these goals 
thanks to the companies that have trusted us.

Active System Integrators

System integrators, i.e. implementation companies to whom we address our Partner Program, and OEMs, i.e. manufacturers of machinery and equipment for various industries

End Users and Machine Builders

End users, i.e. industrial plants, manufacturing companies and public infrastructure units.

Universities and technical schools

Distributors, i.e. companies developing product sales, marketing and technical support for other companies, i.e. Partners and End Users

What do our customers say about us?

“The advantage of automation is that the operator has safer working conditions, so he does not risk his health. He also learns new skills by controlling the work of the robot, learning how to change application variants and supervising the whole process.”

Bartłomiej  Dopart Automation Department Manager​ SPLAST

“Since everything was tested with the simulator the output of that was that the cycle time was lower, the quality was better and that reactor and all the cycle was more optimised. “

Luis Felipe Rangel Process Controls  Engineer​ Stepan  S.A.​

“We are automating those processes where robotization delivers tangible benefits. Through the use of state of the art technologies, we’ve improves the quality of our production processes, and, perhaps even more significantly, the safety of our operators.”

Maciej Socha​ Fencing Systems and Corrosion Protection Director​ Wiśniowski

“As a result of our cooperation with ASTOR, Lasram Engineering is able to continuously grow robotics business in Hungary.​“

István Kreisz CEO and founder​ LASRAM 
Engineering Kft.​

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35 years of ASTOR’s history means the trust of more than
9,000 of SMEs, large and global corporations,

where 50,000 of our intelligent systems and solutions are in operation.​

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