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Solutions Create reliable automation and industrial information technology.
Industries We help to meet the challenges of industry and infrastructure.

The need to develop a wide range of new “hard skills” and an unprecedented number of changes in the production process means that “soft” skills will gain more importance than ever before.

Jarosław Gracel, Industry 4.0 Director, ASTOR

The first Polish whitepaper
on Engineer 4.0 idea



We specialize in the following sectors:

Heating industry

Municipal infrastructure

Power industry



We work together with the leading technical institutions and secondary schools. This is one of our priorities as we are convinced that the key to higher productivity in the long term depends on the education of engineers and the transfer of knowledge between science and industry.

Other industry sectors in which we supply solutions:

  • Oil and natural gas production and transmission
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Building materials production
  • Metallurgy
  • Plastics and rubber production
  • Mining
  • Metal materials production
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Wood production
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Household chemicals
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Motor, vehicle and airplane production
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Glassworks
  • Transportation and infrastructure


We are an established organization. In our operations, we are guided by the principles of synergies and of building long-term relationships founded on mutual respect and trust. The result of our approach is that our clients and partners are happy with our services and gladly recommend ASTOR.
Jarosław Gracel
Marketing and Relations Director

We constantly ask our Clients about their opinion (Net Promoter Score, NPS, 2012)

What our Clients say

"Always open and honest – you can trust them.

"If they take something on, they always drive it to the end.

"To be even happier? They’d have to call me even before there was a problem to solve.

"They do not leave you to deal with your problem by yourself.

"They always work to find a win-win solution.

"ASTOR cannot surprise me positively any further. I’ve never met more competent and nicer people.

"An ASTOR salesperson is a trusted advisor, not a door-to-door salesman.

"Technical support by ASTOR is the best I know, and hope this is how it will always be.

"If there is a need, they help and do not waste time haggling over a screw.

Brands that trust ASTOR


Investment financing

We are also open to help with the investment financing for our clients. Our financing system makes it possible to extend payment terms or extend low-interest credits in order to finance specific projects. Our long-term clients can also take advantage of ASTOR financing cards.



tel. 22 569 56 50

tel. 32 355 95 90

Krakow - ASTOR Headquarters
tel. 12 428 63 00

tel. 12 428 63 60
tel. 58 554 09 00

tel. 91 578 82 80

tel. 61 871 88 00

tel. 71 332 94 80
Astor Headquarters

ul. Smolensk 29
tel. +48 12 428 63 00
fax +48 12 428 63 09

Kraków (sales office)
ul. Smolensk 29
tel. +48 12 428 63 60
fax +48 12 428 63 69

ul. Strachowskiego 12
tel. +48 71 332 94 80
fax +48 71 332 94 89

ul. Ks. Bpa Bednorza 2a–6
tel. +48 32 355 95 90
fax +48 32 355 95 99

ul. Polanki 12
tel. +48 58 554 09 00
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ul. Stepinska 22/30
tel. +48 22 569 56 50
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ul. Zniwna 4
tel. +48 61 871 88 00
fax +48 61 871 88 09

ul. Pierwszej Brygady 35
tel. +48 91 578 82 80
fax +48 91 578 82 89

About us

For 25 years we support our clients in increasing productivity and competitiveness, by supplying knowledge and modern technologies.
Stefan Życzkowski
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ASTOR
We achieve this through:

  • proven configurations for automation, IT solutions and industrial robotics
  • deep understanding across multiple industry segments
  • systems that align with your needs and meet your return on investment requirements
  • the skills and capability to help you drive change so that you can achieve your business objectives
  • a willingness to share our experience and know-how
  • a team that listens
  • the ability to inspire new ideas

Our aim is to create the most productive and reliable solutions for companies to achieve excellence. What challenges are you and your industry about to face? Let’s talk.

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