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ASTOR Robotics Center. Effective robotisation ecosystem

2020-08-26 |

The potential for robotisation in production plants is growing year after year, also due to the idea of Industry 4.0. More and more companies see its benefits - dynamic growth and improved efficiency by becoming less vulnerable to labour shortages.

Since 2013, we have been continuously and intensely investing in the development of robotic systems.

The sales results for 2017 and 2018 enabled us to make a strategic investment in the ASTOR Robotics Center industrial hall in Kraków. The growth of interest of Polish companies in the automatisation of production processes and robotisation has been enormous over the last 2 years. This year, another historical record will be broken. At ARC we will spread the knowledge on the latest technologies in this field. With a strong team, and in cooperation with our partner integration companies, we will become a nationwide centre of robot solutions, where we will develop Industry 4.0 solutions that will give a competitive advantage to all companies cooperating with us.

- emphasizes Stefan Życzkowski, CEO at ASTOR

ASTOR Robotics Center is a 1600 m2 warehouse and production hall and an office building that houses the Training Centre and several ASTOR departments that provide robotics-related services. The hall is located in Kraków at ul. Feliksa Wrobela 3.

Making the hall available to Polish and international customers should enable to extend the possibilities to execute concepts, tests and projects related to robotisation and automation of production (including automation of intralogistics). The ASTOR Robotics Center's partners are Kawasaki Robotics, EPSON and Mobile Industrial Robots.

Employees from the following departments are available for you at ASTOR Robotics Center:

• ASTOR Technical Support Department, offering advice on robot selection and technical support,
• Investment Coordination Department, which creates concepts of production robotisation and automation (including advanced intralogistics) and coordinates projects related to them,
• Robotics Accessories Department, which designs and manufactures devices cooperating with industrial robots, Robot Service and Maintenance Department, which performs inspections and servicing of robots at Customers' premises.

The Robotics Training Centre and its facilities enable personal development of engineers in the field of developing and maintaining systems based on industrial and mobile robots of Kawasaki Robotics, Epson and MIR brands. The Centre also enables the learning of specific technologies applied in robotisation - such as, for example, welding or palletising applications or robot safety systems.

How to start your investment? Find out more

Kawasaki Robotics, Epson and MiR robot warehouse - fast deliveries in Poland.

The launching of the ASTOR Robotics Center resulted in new possibilities regarding the storage of robots and thus their availability to customers. New contracts with equipment suppliers give the opportunity to have an optimised warehouse in Poland.

In parallel with the system of booking them in Germany, this gives customers the measurable benefit of receiving a typical robot practically on the spot, and an unusual one on the date that is pre-determined in a given project. It is especially beneficial for machine manufacturers and implementation companies.

Add robot accessories

ASTOR Robotics Center also manufactures industrial robotics accessories such as positioners, runways and grippers.

The process involves customer needs analysis, design, prototyping, testing as well as commissioning and coordination of production and final assembly with an industrial robot. What makes the difference is the modular design and the storage of typical components, which can be used to assemble any positioner model in a relatively short time.

The offer of these devices makes it possible for customers to purchase a complete set, pre-launched and connected to the robot. This reduces the time and risks related to implementation of robotised systems.

These devices are exported to and are popular in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, France and Hungary.

Simple to implement robotics

ASTOR Robotics Center offers the opportunity to rent design space together with the assistance of robotics engineers. Thanks to that, a robotised system can be pre-launched and tested by many experienced professionals.

Verification of the validity of technical concepts, including innovative ones, related to Industry 4.0 gives measurable benefits that minimise project risk.

Do you implement robots? Welcome to the ecosystem!

ASTOR Robotics Center is a place where companies that are embarking on the implementation of robotic systems can grow under the guidance of robot engineers. The office building and the hall of the facility have spaces designed for this purpose, and ASTOR has a cooperation model that is based on partnership.

Complete deliveries - easier implementation

ASTOR Robotics Center carries out the processes of preparing robots for work in specific applications - prior to their transport to the customer, the units are equipped with appropriate communication systems, safety systems, etc.

The facility also carries out system kitting processes. Instead of buying from several suppliers, you can buy most of the equipment for your workstation in one place. This equipment will be connected, configured and tested with the robot that will ultimately work in the production hall. The installation and programming of such a station at the end customer's premises is carried out by an integrator company, granting the CE certificate.

Renata Poreda


Renata Poreda

Chief Editor of the magazine Business and Production

phone: +48 12 428 63 75

mail: renata.poreda@astor.com.pl


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